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(Updated Dec. 2004)



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Other CommArch

Commercial Vernacular Architecture of the South

The Changing Face of the Commercial Landscape in Murfreesboro, TN

The New Roadside



The Bowl Away, Ten Pin Bowling, MA
(This was across from Skips Diner. Gotta love bowling stuff. Maybe I will write a history of Bowling.)
Coffee & Creme, Coffee Shop, RI
(Just up Route 146 from the Rustic. A neat little shop with an even better sign.)
Dinty Moore Restaurant, TN
(This is what I was looking for when I found the Pure Oil Station in McMinnville. Its closed now. McMinnville has some great stuff in town.)

Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Shop/Doughnut Shop, MA
(This is out by the Pig and Whistle Diner in Boston. Its out past Fenway Park. Its a great sign isn't it?)
Edsel, RI
(This was taken at Tommy's Diner in Middleton, RI during the Diner Rama. He had a car cruise. They even have car hops!)
Flying Low, RI
(I found this in the Blackstone Valley. What a great image. The sign says "Blackstone Valley Air Tours, We fly lo for the good shots.")
Castle, Mini Golf Course, RI
(This was found on our Diner Rama Tour. I shot it out of the front window of the bus as we made a turn. Lets here it for computers to enhance that!)
Milk Bottle Building, RI
(This is still on Route 146, past the Rustic, past the Coffee and Creme buildings. Its empty now, but its still cool. One can dream of pulling in for a cone.)
White Castle, NJ
(This White Castle is located outside New York. It is just south of the Bendix Diner. Its just a neat building. White Castle was a leading developer of the hamburger.)
Stuckey's, Corbin, KY
(Closed, as most of them are, right off the highway. Still has all the equipment. I found several of them in Kentucky and Indiana.)
Ice Cream Cone, Smryna, TN
(Has some great soft serve. This was moved from the bowling alley in Murfreesboro.)
Colonel Sanders Cafe, Corbin, KY
(A rerecreated building. Its sort of weird that you eat you food from the fast food joint attached to it. Its pretty cool anyway.)