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Gas Stations
(updated Dec. 2004)


Pure Oil Gas Station, McMinville, TN
(This gas station is a great one! The design is a standardized form. Look at the door and the bay window. They are straight out of the Pure Oil design catalog.)
Mobilgas Gas Station, Bath, VT.
(This is supposedly the oldest general store in America. The store was pretty cool and run by a guy who used to be a tech wiz. The set of buildings is cool. The gas station is now an ice cream parlor.)

Detail of Gas Station, McMinnville, TN
(This shows some of the English Cottage look. Nice lamp.)
Detail of Gas Station, McMinnville, TN
(This shows the service bay. I wish I had a picture of the lift. It didn't come out well enough. Oh well. Note the post and beam.)
Detail of Gas Station, McMinnville, TN
(This shows the interior of the station. The bow window is to the left and the service bay is directly ahead. The bathrooms are to the right, and we are standing in the main office.)

College Street, Murfreesboro, TN
(These three garages are part of an old gasoline alley, formerly the Dixie Highway. They are really significant to automotive history in Murfreesboro.)
Gas Station, Murfreesboro, TN
(Located on College Street, this is another good example of the English Cottage Style, popularized by Pure Oil. Its next to the Red Rose Dairy and Coffee house and just up the street from the garages in the previous image.)

Gas Station, Murfreesboro, TN
(This is a great old station at the corner of Broad and Maney Avenue. It is where the highway originally entered the town before Broad was built. The station is probably an old Sinclair station or Standard Oil. It has some great details and neat terra cotta tiles. Its a discount tobacco store now.)
Gas Station, Murfreesboro, TN
(Another former gas station, further up Maney Avenue. Probably a Texaco station from photographic evidence and a small bit of paint on the left side. This is now a garage.)

Gas Station, Corbin, KY
(This station is a great example of the big pointed canopy! Probably from the 1960's.)
Gas Station, Indianapolis, IN
(This station is outside the city. It appears to be a Pure Oil Station. It is now a Pest Control company. Great Place. The blue tiles I believe are original.)

Abandoned Gas Station, Indiana
(Great United Gasoline station from the 60s(?). Sits next to a trailer park. We discovered it along the way for the SCA conference.)


Standard Oil Products, West Bloomington, Indiana
(This is now a small museum. The name above the door is Jonsey's. Great little display of the Standard Oil mementos inside.)

More to Come!

Gas Station, Murfreesboro, TN
(The roof was added and an addition was put on the back. There aren't any gas pumps, but the canopy remains. It is used as a local market, AKA, liquor store.)

Gas Station, Murfreesboro, TN
(This station is now a car dealership. The sharp wing building and the HUGE canopy are great details of early 1960's stations. It is located directly across from the old Sinclair/Standard station.)