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(updated Dec. 2004)



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These two images, plus many more are visible by clicking on the Blackstone Valley Drive-In Tour.

Bellingham Drive In, Bellingham, MA

Lonsdale Drive In, Lonsdale, RI

Fairlee Drive In & Motel, Fairlee, VT
(The Fairlee Drive In and Motel is a great little combination. Look quick because it goes by fast. You will see the motel sign, but miss the Drive-in part totally. The first image is the marquee, the second is the motel sign, and the third is the backside of the motel. I didn't take a shot of the front of the motel, mostly because it is a typical motel. Those big picture windows are what look out onto the screen.)
Fairlee Drive In & Motel, Fairlee, VT
(The screen behind the motel is in the first image. Just your typical screen. The next one is of the screen house (or maybe the snack bar). The last image is of the ticket booth. Yup, those are speakers on the poles. What a great find. I asked the owner if I could poke around, and they were generally nice (in that New England way). I probably looked like a weirdo bending down and looking at those poles.
Mendon Drive In, Mendon, MA
(This is a more modern adaptation (or renovation). The snackbar/screen house is on the left, the ticket booth in the center, and one of the screens on the right. I had a free pass, but never made it. I don't think I am into seeing movies at them as much as I enjoy the empty feeling I get from them when they are closed.)
The Meadows, Woodsville, NH
(Now this is one at which I saw a movie. We saw the Perfect Storm. I prefer the feeling of a surround sound theatre. I guess I am one of those neo-boomer kids that enjoys the old stuff, but likes my technology. The posts don't have speakers. They were very nice people. It is just down the road from the center of town. When you think you passed it, go a bit further.)
Middleboro Drive In, Middleboro, MA
(Back to the closed ones. My favorites. This is near the intersection of I-495 and 44. It sits back into the woods, but you will know that you are near something like a drive in. There is an old go-cart track nearby. I always say that drive-ins leave a residue that can be felt nearby, especially on a major highway path. The center picture shows the entry road. Its a bit sketchy walking back in there--I was trespassing. But the screen is up and the major buildings are still there. They are bad shape, but worth looking around.)
Sutton Motor In, Sutton, MA
(The Sutton is a great theatre right off of 146 South from Worcester (you have to do a U-turn to get to it going North). The screen speaks for itself. But the little A-frame ticket booth is another gem. I am pretty sure there is a big room in the back of the screen. What I wouldn't give to get in there.)
Sutton Motor In, Sutton, MA
(The first image shows the main parking area and the screen house/snack bar. The next two show the entry sign. Isn't a great rustic/art deco sign? I love it.)
Corbin Drive-In, Corbin, KY
(Totally chance to find this one open and operating. I saw about 30 minutes of CastAway. The marquee has a building right behind it (behind the trees) that is an Ice Factory. There is an old ice cream store within the complex as well. Screen tower on the left, snack bar on the right.)
(Update: March 2006, Sad to inform you that the Corbin Drive in theater has been closed and torn down for over a year its place is a go cart track,  The Corbin Ice Co. still sits at the main entrance. J.Ridener, Corbin KY)
More to come!
Speaker from Corbin Drive-In
(More great speakers. I really enjoy the artistic element of them. I have an artistic POV on the arts section.)
Speaker from Fairlee Drive-In
(What a great image. What a great speaker. What a great drive-in.)

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