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Amusement Parks
(Updated Dec. 2004)



Amusement Parks

Oh, What Fun We Had
(Recreational Resources in Rhode Island)
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Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA
(Image 1: The Steel Phantom, 2000, Final Year. Image 2: The Thunderbolt in front, the Steel Phantom behind. Two of the greatest roller coasters ever. Image 3: The Jack Rabbit's loading station. Its a good ride. It got its name from a little jump off the tracks it does. I love wooden roller coasters.)

Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA

(Image 4: The Jack Rabbit. The only known example in the world. Its a hoot! Image 5: Noah's Ark, after its renovation. I don't know if I like this as much, but its still great. Its an old one, and one of only two in the world. The other is in Blackpool England. Image 6: The Corn Dog stand with the Thunderbolt behind. Also visible is the Potato Patch, the world's best fries. Mmmm, cheese and bbq salt. OH, and down in the corner is MOM! Hi Mom!)

Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA
(The Pittsburg Plunge in "Lost Kennywood." This is a re-creation of the old Shoot The Shoot. I don't like it, but some do. Lost Kennywood is a great section of the park.I did finally go on it and it really gets you wet.)
Lincoln Park, On Route 6, East of Fall River.
(This is the CA's prize find. An abandoned amusement park with a big roller coaster still up. The property was a surprise find. It is for sale. There are a few swing boats still on the property. A member of the American Diner Museum owns the original kiddie boats. How cool!)
More to Come!
York Wild Kingdom, York, ME
(Another neat find. I guess its like a zoo, but I couldn't see a thing from the road. You should have seen my fiancé's eyes roll when I asked her to stop for a minute.)

Wonderland Arcade, Old Orchard Beach, ME
(A neat little place that claims to be the oldest arcade in New England. I doubt it, but it was a cool building.)