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(updated Dec. 2004)



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Betsey's Diner, Falmouth, MA
(We stopped here after almost going to a Friendly's! Thank goodness too--my mother loved the pot roast.)
Big Dig Diner, Boston, MA
(From our DR Mass Tour. It was closed, and it was getting late, but it was a neat Silk City Diner.)
Mill Pond Diner, Wareham, MA
(From my trip to Cape Cod. It was a random discovery just up the road from the nation's oldest nail factory.)

Casey's Diner, Natick, MA
(Some of the world's best hot dogs. They have a particular snap to them from the natural casing. Its small, if you can't tell, but we all crammed in there for Diner-Rama. Its behind the Fire Station in Natick. It has short hours only around lunch--so beware.)
Salem Diner, Salem, MA
(Another discovery in Salem. I was going to NH when I found it. Its right next to a liquor store.)
Star Drive In, MA
(My best picture by far. It is on Route 79 south of Middleboro. They said they have been there since the 1960s. Its worth a visit.)
Daves Diner, Middleboro, MA
(One of those new diners. Just figured I should show what the new ones look like. Ick.)
Miss Bellows Falls, Bellows Falls, VT
(Bellows Falls is worth a visit just because its a cool town. I have images of it in the Industrial Archaeology section. The diner is on the road out of town going north. Its a classic.)
Modern Diner, Pawtucket, RI
(From the same breed as the Salem Diner. This one used to be up next to a building, making it look like it was coming out of it. Neat interior.)
Rosebud Diner, Somerville, MA
(We ate here for diner. It was good food. Daniel Zilka is restoring the exterior. Pretty cool.)
Skips Blue Moon Diner, Gardner MA
(One of the classics. I wish I could remember the town. Its in northern Mass, on Route 2. Its right across from the image of the BowlAway.)
Windsor Diner, Windsor, VT
(This one is up for sale. Its neat because of the way it hangs over the side of the road. That basement has to be 15 feet high. Looks cool inside. This is north of Bellows Falls on Route 5.)
Littleton Diner, Littleton, NH
(This one is just down the road from where my fiance's parents live. She says it has good food. I believe its a reconstruction of the original though.)
Buddy's Truck Stop, Sommerville, MA(?)
(This little guy was on the Diner Rama Tour. It really looks bad, but this same form will be in the picture at the bottom.)
Bendix Diner, New Jersey
(Again, I don't remember the exact town, but this is one of the most heavily photographed diners around. My friend Carla lives down the road. I met an old couple going in and I said I was from ADM. They were surprised that this was an important structure. Ah, education of the less informed.)
Veterans Square Diner, Warwick, RI
(I really enjoy this little one. I guess a truck hit it not too long after we were here and it is going to be, or has been, torn down. What a shame. I love that clock. Buried under all that siding is a real trolley car. Not a diner made to look like one, but a real trolley car! How about that?)
More To Come!
Diner, Indianapolis, IN
(A great little diner outside of the city. It looked closed up to me. I don't know if it was just closed that day or if it was closed for good.)
Diner, Blackstone, MA
(This little guy looks like a diner from the curvature of the roof. I don't know if it is, and really not many experts do either. It just caught me off guard siting there on the road. It is right on the Mass/RI border.)

(Update from Larry Cultrera: It is an old Worcester (early to mid-1920's). It still has wheels underneath. I have photos from the early 80's just before it got the shingles on the exterior. Also, the interior has also been destroyed. At that time the only visible feature was part of the tile floor.)

White Castle (or other derivation), Corbin, KY
(A great little building hiding in this town of just fantastic CA stuff. Just down the road is Colonel Sanders first cafe. The middle picture says "Ladies Invited." The building is abandoned and open. I had a picture of the interior, but it didn't come out well. I hope they save this building, but who knows.)