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Preservation Law and Finance


The National Historic Preservation Law of 1966 is a very important law for preservation. 

As is the Section 106 Review Process.

In terms of government documents, the U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library will give you some info. (It appears that this is some sort of archived version - may not be very helpful.)

(Computer archive: The U of VA Law Library On-line Catalog may help. After entering this TELNET site, type in library.)

For other documents try the Thomas database or the National Archives.


One major source of funding is with Grants and more grants.

Tax Incentives can be a major starter for projects.

There are grants for Certified Local Governments and National Historic Landmarks Initiative are also way to get some government money.

Or the Maritime Heritage Grants. (Although it appears they are out of money...)

There is also the Challenge Cost Share Program. These are all government grants and tax incentives. The government is the primary source for money easements for preservation.