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The England Program 

The study abroad program for Historic Preservation is an exciting semester long program where students from Historic Preservation (and Architecture on the odd years) study English conservation techniques. The whole trip is a blast. I have a few pictures I scanned in for everyone to see.

  • Obligatory Thatch Roof. This was in the town that we were headquartered in.
  • Fountains Abbey. A 13 Century Cistern Abbey that was used as part of a landscape in the 17th Century.
  • Cragside. This is what the gardens looked like in the Fall. Imagine them in the summer.
  • Scotland. This was at the beginning of the highlands. Directly in the middle lower half, there is a monument to William Wallace, because this is where he fought. This is taken at Stirling Castle.
  • Stonehenge. If I say how I felt about it, it will ruin (get it) it for others.
  • Blackpool. An amazing amusement park on the ocean. This made me want to do my senior project on Amusement parks. The big white thing is a bobsled ride.
  • Ross Castle in Ireland. It was supposed to be lush greenery. Instead it was lush fog.
  • A valley in Wales. Wales was amazing. This was on a narrow gauge steam train line.
  • Kew Gardens. Fantastic place. I walked the grounds (lots of acres) in my bare feet. The glass houses are amazing.
  • Big Ben. From a vantage point many don't get. I was on the roof of Westminster Cathedral.
  • The Underground. The Underground was my favorite part of London. I loved riding the trains that come hurtling through the tunnels. This is a station on the Northern Line.
  • Wells Cathedral. An amazing place. We went to a lot of cathedrals that just made the trip special. (Hopefully Mike got all his mugs.)

Here are a few English Links.