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 Professional Practice

These links were researched and annotated by various students in the Professional Practice 1998. I have checked them and confirmed the annotation. For a more up to date listing of jobs and such, go to the jobs section.  I will not confirm that any of the listings are accurate - they are artifacts of the time.

Dan Baily has provided us with some sites related to finding jobs in museums, even though the first one is from Mary Washington University. They still provide good info on jobs. He also found Museum Employment Resource Center Jobs page, which provides a lot of good info.
Sandy Paetznick points us to one great source, the book What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changers by Richard Nelson Bolles. She says that it is "an excellent job-hunting guide in the '90's guide."
Joe Serra, Kristina Rodeffer, and Lindsay Golladay submitted this list of periodicals and journals with advertisements for preservation jobs:

  • Preservation Magazine
  • RIBA Journal: Recruitment Section
  • American Planning Association
  • Planning for the Natural And Built Environment
  • NRCA Profession Roofing
  • Urban Land
  • VRA Bulletin
  • BSA Chapter Notes
  • Communities Journal of Cooperative Living
  • New England Planning: Mass Chapter
  • NH Forum (Publishes blurb on Individuals and their qualifications)
  • Newsletter of the Society of Architectural Historians
  • Design Landscape Extra
  • American Planning Association: Job Mart Issue

Joel Dow--Restoration Firms

  • Career Post.This search engine allows the user to find jobs in a number of preservation-related fields such as architecture. Is based in the Washington D.C. area.
  • Traditional Building Links. Allows restoration firm employment seekers to make use of several different building-related search engines. Access to many building-related sites.
  • Preserve/Net Opportunities. This gives different options for preservation and restoration job seekers to access different employment lists and sites.
  • APA Job On-line. This resource allows the job searcher an opportunity to browse a number of different preservation related job openings around the country. Most of the jobs are planning related, but a few are in reference to restoration and architectural conservation. This is located in the American Planning Association site.

Joel Dow writes: "We were not really able to find the perfect site that offered just restoration firm employment, nor were we able to find any published resources that offered jobs expressly for restoration firms. It is this groups conclusion that searching for a job in a particular field such as 'architectural restoration' is not easy or quick.

Janine da Silva offered the site Cyburbia as a "website devoted solely to planning, architecture and historic preservation issues. There are many links for job searching, graduate schools and many other issues." I also have this site linked to the Intro to Pres. Planning page.
She also recommended some Journals/Periodicals containing references to Planning/Architecture Positions:

  • APA JobMart Newsletter--Bi-monthly newsletter with planning positions. Has national focus. All levels but primarily mid-senior level.
  • APA New England Planning--Monthly newsletter of Rhode Island and Massachusetts chapters of APA. Contains regional positions. All levels but primarily mid-senior level.
  • Architectural Record--Monthly periodical with classified section. Has positions for architects and architecture faculty. Has national focus.
  • Preservation--Monthly periodical magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Has a classified section with a national focus.
  • RIBA Journal--Monthly journal with classified section for architects. Job locations are in Britain.

Tammy Brooks said that "finding a federal job in preservation is not an easy task. Most of the information is located in the National Park Service."
She recommends a book
Damp, Dennis V. The Book of US Government Jobs: Where They Are, What's Available, and How to Get One. (1994 5th ed.) She also recommends as a site with a "variety of links" which offers "a selection of government jobs." However, "it is not specific to preservation." She also found USAJOBS from the government. Tammy says this is a search database and she "found a couple of preservation jobs, however I had to look through a large list of jobs to find them hiding." Most of the jobs are mid to upper level.
Matt Steinberg provides us with this recommendation for the federal government.
Federal Historic Preservation positions:

Advisory Council on HP
Cultural Resource Planning
The Old Post Office Building
1100 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC. 20004

US Army Corps of Engineers
Technical Center of Expertise for Preservation of Structures and Buildings
Employment of Architects, Architectural Historians and Conservation Professionals
Horace H. Foxall, jr.
ph. 206-763-4482
fax. 206-764-6956

National Park Service
Cultural Resource Program
PO Box 37127
Washington, DC 20013-7127

US Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)
451 7th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20410

This job search was done by Kate Medico, Leah Zambernardi, Adam White, and Eric Meulemans. I especially like the way they set this up.
Key word: Non-Profits Organizations

Internet Sites: (KM,LZ,AW,EM) The following internet sites have been found to include connections to Non-profit organizations. Some sites are for specific states. To locate non-profits organization in a particular state, search the state home page.

NEW HAMPSHIRE--(KM) Site URL: Connects you to different non-profit organizations around the state. Examples Historic Societies, Watershed, Chamber of Commerce, Photography. This site is updated monthly and contains the connections to contact for jobs with the organizations. It is easily accessible from the web and provides a link to many other sites involving non-profit organizations within New Hampshire.

MASSACHUSETTS--(LZ) Site URL: This site lists non-profit organizations belonging to the Boston Preservation Alliance. A general description is given of the agency along with a contact person and web address for the society. No specific job listings are given on this page.

MAINE--(AW) Site URL: This site links you with the State of Maine. It provides a job search base for the state and does list non-profits. However there were no listings that were hiring at the present. Links are available to contact a state preservation commission.

CONNECTICUT--(EM) Site URL: Web site of the Connecticut Historical Commission, with links to other Connecticut Preservation resources including Office of State Archaeology, the Connecticut gravestone Network and the National Register.

GENERAL-- (AW)Site URL: This is a good place to view non-profit organizations but does not provide a job listing for their organizations.
(AW)Site URL: This site has a specific section on job listings in non-profits. However it is limited to about 100 jobs which are concentrating upon fundraiser positions. You can post an add for yourself so that others who are hiring could contact you. It provides many links to other non-profit sites.
(AW)Site URL: This is a job search database in which you can search for non-profit job listings. It is a very specific search and it does take a while to use.
(LZ)Site URL: Listing of interships currently available in the field and internships that have been offered in the recent past.
(LZ)Site URL: New employment listing in Historic Preservation. Information on various non-profit preservation related groups.
(LZ)Site URL: Listing of employment opportunities in Historic preservation. Many are with Non-profit organizations.
(LZ)Site URL: Example of government job listing for the National Parks Service,



PRESERVING PROVIDENCE----Put out by the Providence Preservation Society monthly. The pamphlet includes advertising for local preservation related companies. There is also information on local conferences and seminars. A listing of open jobs in the area is listed periodically. The jobs listed are generally out of graduates school.

PRESERVATION AND PEOPLE---Put out by Historic Massachusetts monthly. The pamphlet includes a listing of members and advertising for their companies. The information on jobs in the pamphlet is listed periodically and includes job that would be of interest in the area of Massachusetts. The members names, addresses and phone numbers are also listed in way of creating connection for possible jobs.

NEWSLETTER OF THE SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTURAL HISTORIANS---Put out by the Society of Architectural Historians monthly. Out of Chicago, the publication lists classifies every issue. The jobs vary in location and skill. Other opportunities such as calls for papers, grants, fellowships, and internships are also listed. A web page at url, is listed as a place to get further information.

EXCHANGE---Put out by the Land Trust Alliance seasonally. The publication advertises in a section at the end of every issue for jobs and volunteers. The Land Trust Alliance often searches for more volunteers than paying jobs. Internship potential is high in this publication. Further information on the Exchange publication is list on the web at http:///

ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING QUARTERLY---Put out by the American Planning Association quarterly. The magazine includes a section at the end of every issue entitled Announcements. This section includes updated job listing, paper call, and awards. The main field is planning and most awards or grants are paid for planning achievements. The jobs offered are calling for at least five years experience.

SOURCES: (KM,LZ,AW,EM) If you have any personal contacts in the field you are looking for employment ask them to keep an eye out for you. It doesn't to use what you already have to help you succeed in the job hunting process.
Lisa Ryon--Web Sites that relate to Education Job Listings

  • On-line recruiting site. Jobs are never more than 45 days old. Can search for jobs by keyword and or job characteristics giving a wide range of services and searching.
  • Job Surf Shop. Can search for jobs and one can even add jobs. Updating of resume on web page. Source for various jobs.
  • Yahoo Jobs. Gives a listing of job topics with regards to teaching. Links to various education jobs, resources, and job seekers.
  • Nation Job/Education. Contains a list of featured employers for jobs in the education field and can be a great resource for information as well.

Lisa also gives the advice that "On the internet, "classifieds" can be searched on most links and one can search for various jobs."

Dara Tebo has provided some web sites for people interested in finding architecture, planning or non H.P. jobs.

  • Job listings including Urban Planning, Landscape, Preservation. Jobs have the date received, the position, a description and contact information.
  • Jobtrak lists Colleges and University Career Centers, graduate schools and MBA programs, jobs full/part time and temporary positions as well as internships.
  • This is a general list from the Boston Globe's classified section. Architecture is one of the titles it includes. However, there is nothing on preservation.
  • This is a general listing of all kinds of jobs. You can pick the geographic location you want to search, for all of us who would love to go over sea.
  • America's Job Bank gives access to State Public Employment Services. You can pick a state or keep it general, you can prioritize city, salary, part or full time position. Jobs less than seven days old are highlighted.