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Basic Preservation Information Links


Introductory Preservation Links (General, Conservation, & Planning)

Historic Building Documentation and Research

History and Philosophy of Historic Preservation

Building Stylistics (1620-Present)


Advanced Preservation Information Links

Job Related Historic Preservation Sites and Resources


History and Philosophy of Historic Preservation

In HP squared we read several books related to the Philosophies of Preservation. John Ruskin's book The Seven Lamps of Architecture was a significant book on the philosophy of architecture - which in turn provides philosophy on historic buildings.

Another significant book for preservation philosophy is Jane Jacob's book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities .

Yet another important author, and perhaps one of my favorites, is Stewart Brand.

James Kunstler has an excellent site. Make sure you check out this page and see his Eyesore of the Month.

Jonathan Hale's book, The Old Way of Seeing is a good book for looking at buildings critically.

American Society for Aesthetics provides a good site for information and ideas about how we should think about aesthetics.

And although it does not directly correlate to Historic Preservation, this page of philosophy links may help your understanding of the concepts.