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Basic Preservation Information Links


Introductory Preservation Links (General, Conservation, & Planning)

Historic Building Documentation and Research

History and Philosophy of Historic Preservation

Building Stylistics (1620-Present)


Advanced Preservation Information Links

Job Related Historic Preservation Sites and Resources


Preservation Research

A nice easy way to start out some research on preservation topics is on the web. I like using Yahoo and more specifically the History Section of Yahoo!

Once you have done research by web, another place to turn is to deed research. Surprisingly this is related to a Surveying merit badge...and is a PDF.

But when it comes to things like Genealogy, there are a ton of places to go. I have checked out one that seems very good for beginners. A Genealogy Primer has good data on the U.S. Census.

Of course, citing the information is very important. The Turabian Method is the one we used for Roger Williams.

Then there are:

Historic Building Documentation

The first site to check out in Historic Building Documentation is the HABS/HAER collection.

Each section their own site:

The Library of Congress also keeps track of the HABS/HAER.

Several agencies use HABS/HAER, such as the Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission. They have several photos on the web.

Lastly, a good place to go from here is to the library with this bibliography.