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Basic Preservation Information Links


Introductory Preservation Links (General, Conservation, & Planning)

Historic Building Documentation and Research

History and Philosophy of Historic Preservation

Building Stylistics (1620-Present)


Advanced Preservation Information Links

Job Related Historic Preservation Sites and Resources


Introductory Preservation Links

Most people know preservation through This Old House.But there is more than just Bob Vila.

When looking for a good overview of preservation, the first place to stop is at the National Trust for Historic Preservation Web Site. It is an excellent source and key for beginners.

The National Park Service oversees many of the preservation activities in the U.S. They also keep a page of information at Heritage Links.

For general resources on the Internet in Preservation try Preserve/Net.

The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training keeps an excellent site. 

The Whole Building Design Guide has a great section on historic preservation.

Intro to Planning

The best site by far is run by the government at the Preservation Planning Program. This is an excellent site for all sorts of information.

Use of the National Register is important to planners. 

(Quick Aside - I have to keep these directions up, just so we see some of our computer history: Once you access this page, click on "internet" to use the TELNET option. This is only open until five in the evening (EST). So you may want to access the National Register by Telnet . Make sure to choose PAC, then your emulation. (choice 5 at RWU) Hit return twice. After that choose number 7, then number 64 for the National Register.)

The must know information for planners is the Secretary of The Interior's Standards for H.P.

A preservation planner should know their State Historic Preservation Officer

The National Park Service has some good info on the Certified Local Government Program.

A good site for a case study of planning (of course now preservation planning) is the City Beautiful Movement in Washington D.C..

The Planning Commissioners Journal keeps a nice page about citizen planning. This however is not directly related to preservation planning.

Another nice planning site is "Cyburbia".

Intro to Architectural Conservation

For initial information try, American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

The International Council on Monuments and Sites is an excellent site for information on conservation. 

(Another computer artifact: The ICOMOS GOPHER has extensive information but in GOPHER form.)

Other Misc. Sites

I also have scouted up some information related to Teaching with Historic Places by the National Park Service. 

I have recently found a great site that is fun to look at: Modern Ruins

(Another computer artifact: The only really fun place to go that I have found is on the National Trust's site. This is called Fun at the Trust. It has a couple cool things.

There is also a children's site at the Trust. It is called Trusty's Kid's Corner It really is quite neat.)