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Basic Preservation Information Links


Advanced Preservation Information Links

Planning Related

Urban, Small Town, and Rural Preservation

Landscape Preservation

Preservation Law and Finance

English/Overseas Preservation

English Preservation and Conservation

Job Related Historic Preservation Sites and Resources


Advanced Preservation Information Links 

Preservationists sometimes need more than just basic information. The HOP has compiled a small list of preservation resources that focus on more specific information than what is contained on the Basic Information.

The Planning material is for those that are focused in town planning or overall site planning. The Urban, Small Town, and Rural Preservation section focuses on those topics and links related to the overall planning of those types of places. Furthermore, it also has  links to cities, towns, or rural environments, that are examples of preservation planning. Landscape Preservation has information on landscape planning and the intricacies of landscape preservation. It also has information on general gardening and historical planting. The Law and Finance section has information on the charters, laws, statutes, and other legalese that follows so closely the work preservationists do. The finance part focuses on the grants and money making methods for preservation.

The English/Overseas section is a base set of links to preservation efforts around the world.