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Site Statistics and Other Misc. Information

Updated 9-6/7-96...Major overhauls are the pits.
Updated 10-8-96...Moving the pages to ~RWUHP file.
Updated 11-1-96...Moving around stuff. Added form and org list. Checked spelling and grammer.
Updated 2-1-97...Checking Links!
Updated 4-13-97...Just reworking any small problems with main page.
Updated 10-22-97...The next update!
Updated 2-2-98...TOTAL REDUEX and site overhaul. (SEE ALSO 9-6/7-96)
Updated 2-11/16-98...Presidents Day Weekend Overhaul. I designed the background...still not satisfied. Also tweeked and added massive amounts of links and restructured everything again. Crazy stuff.
Updated 3-11/12-98...Pre-Spring Break Work. Tried more designs for background. Major additions to pages. (ProPrac jumps by leaps and bounds.)
Updated 4-20-98...After Spring Break Work. Paid for Tripod to remove ads. Updated background. Played with logo.
Updated 8-13-98...Summer work. Changed background to a solid. New logo, new bullets. Soon I am going to evaluate content and update.
Updated 8 & 9/98...Major changes. Evaluated content, updated, changed logos, reformatted site totally. A new design almost completely.
Updated 2/98...Major changes. Version 3.0.1 gradual rollout. Final version on Febuary 14, 1998. I guess my true love is preservation. Totally new design.

Well, we have reached Version 3.0.1. Actually, as far as most would notice, it is version three (Version 1, the original; Version 2, the blue scheme, and now this one.) But I had some grandiose scheme developed which just wasn't panning out, so here we are; Version 3.0.1.

And now we have Version 4.0. This is the only update since 1999. Yeesh. Well its part of the overall new design for Yeah!

The designer and site manager is Aaron Marcavitch. If you have a suggestion please use the form, which will allow you to submit any sorts of new addresses or suggestions for the page and program.

If there are any problems please drop me a line with the form. Original concept in 1995 (a really long time ago). Redesign in August and September 1998 (Version 2), Febuary 1999 (Version 3.0.1), and December 2000 (Version 4.0) with a little help from the IMAC. All logos designed on Photoshop 5.0, Claris Home Page 3.0, and hosted by Tripod.

Another 9 years since the last update.  Wow.  September 2009 update, changed links and some text - tried to keep it as it always has been.