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Slowly filling our corner of the world.

Amazingly, this website has been up and operational in one version or another for nearly twenty years. That was in college at Roger Williams University. It has lasted through multiple moves, new colleges, marriage, two dogs, and two kids. Thats four careers. Six states - one of which included island life. And even a house just for a bit of extra insanity.

The portion of this site that has received the most attention over the years has been our "Commercial Archaeology" (Roadside Architecture) section. This section, along with "Industrial Archaeology" (industrial architecture), and my thesis on roadside architecture have all been combined into a section called "Research." If/when the time is found, I will upload more images.

The section called "Gallery" will now contain several photos sections.

We thank you for stopping by and looking around our site. Please continue to stop by. If you have any questions or quibbles, please e-mail me at acornhp(at)yahoo.com.

Available for Consulting:

I am available for historic preservation and heritage related consulting.

Additionally, you can download Aaron's most current RESUME.