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Cymatium will be providing historic preservation portfolio information in the upcoming months. If you would like to see a copy of the bylaw that Aaron drafted for the Annual Town Meeting or copies of his writing for Yesterday's Island newspaper, please click on.

Cymatium's web portfolio is a diverse range of topics, but most focus on work done with nonprofit organizations. Since Cymatium is a new company, we do not have the stock of work that more established companies may have. But by taking on Cymatium for your design, your organization will benefit from the most up-to-date web design on the market.

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Current Sites

(A nonprofit organization for the programs that are held around July 4th in Boston. The new site is intended to satisfy the need for a stronger presence. After designing last year's site, and receiving nearly 20,000 hits in a one week, the new site is intended to withstand this many visitors. The information has not changed drastically, but the design needed to be more up to date, while still portraying a nonprofit.)

Nantucket Historic District Commission
(Part of the town government site, the goal was to work within the existing parameters but provide detailed information for applicants.)

Vernacular Architecture Forum
(Designed from the bottom up after taking on the work from the previous webmaster, this site is intended to provide ease of use and quick access to information on the organization. Therefore the goal was to be clean and not technologically advanced. Aaron is also responsible for their listserve.)

American Association for History and Computing
(The current site is basically a method for connecting to information on the organization. However, this site will be undergoing major work in the next few months to provide a real portal for this organization dedicated to computing and technology in history.)

Recent Past Preservation Network
(The work on this site is mostly administrative and based on previous designs. Aaron is also their newsletter editor.)

Sites which have contracted in the past

American Diner Museum
(A Nonprofit museum dedicated to the preservation and understanding of diners, an American Tradition. The site needed to be an understated site, but still have a strong retro feel to it. After clicking through the opening page, the user will be presented with a postcard view of a diner interior. By clicking on the various parts of the diner, you will enter the site. There are to be image galleries, events listings, and museum related information. This is to be the main site for the entire organization's lifetime.)

Historic Massachusetts, Inc.
(The Statewide Nonprofit for Massachusetts. Done during contract period as webmaster and preservationist. Provided solutions related to forms, memberships, and online databases. Revised current database for ease of use. Acted as troubleshooter for network and desktop clients.)

The Samuel Huntington Homestead Trust
(A museum in eastern Connecticut that runs a historic house. Provided learning opportunities for Board of Directors and offered purchasing solutions for cost effective designs. This site has now been transferred to the Homestead board.)

Field School in Building Archaeology at RWU
(A summer program at Roger Williams University. This website was a straightforward electronic version derived from the paper version. A more complex site is in the planning stages, but they are currently on hold.)

(A site for a children's singer, this site shows how Cymatium can work with for-profit groups. The site was to have primary colors and an childish feel, but still maintain a look that adults would enjoy.)

Association for Graduate Students in History
(This site will be for the students in the Masters of Arts Program at MTSU. It will contain evens, pictures, links, and more.)

Tennessee Preservation Trust
(This site was intended to be the first site for this organization, the state's nonprofit historic preservation group. It was to be clean and easy to use for a wide range of audiences.)

Rutherford County Archives
(This site will be the main site for the Rutherford County Archives. It will contain information on the archives, as well as scanned images of documents from the early history of the county.)

MTSU's Center for Historic Preservation
(This site will be completely redesigned in the coming months. Its information will not change a great deal, but the overall design will be altered. Its will keep a constant navigation look throughout the entire site, something which the current design does not do.)

The Public History Program at MTSU
(This site will be a multi-pronged site for the public history program. The current site is only a subset of the overall History site, which is also undergoing work. The site will have student resumes, program information, and faculty bios.)

House O' Preservation Version 3.0.1
(An Internet resource directory for preservationists and preservation students. Initiated out of a need in the Roger Williams University HP Program, this site has served as a launching point for many of the teachers and students.)

Roger Williams University's Historic Preservation Program
(Now under student/faculty design, the original design and header concept were by Cymatium. Cymatium led the faculty in the implementation of new design concepts and taught the faculty in HTML and web graphic design.)

Rhode Island @ Home
(What was to become a resource directory for Rhode Island homeowners and town administrators has fallen to the wayside for other projects. This site, a beta version, shows off some of Cymatium's Java programming. Although we specialize in graphic design, we hand code nearly 60% of all our sites, so we offer a choice unparalleled in New England.)

Practice Sites

These sites are intended to show off Cymatium's skills in design work. They are not posted on the web, and do not reflect work done for any specific group or person.

(Commercial is intended to be a scholarly site about the roadside and roadside architecture. Therefore, a strong road feel had to be given to the site, while maintaining a scholarly look.)
(This site is intended to be a jobs and resources guide, similar to the House O' Preservation, seen above. It is have a strong preservation look, but keep its ease of navigation.)

(This site is intended to be an online magazine about rural lifestyles. This meant that earthy colors and styles were necessary. Navigation had to be strong as well. The tone was to be informal, but magazine-like.)


Also available is the main website for This site is a personal site and any views expressed on the site are the sole property of Aaron Marcavitch.

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