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About Us

Aaron Marcavitch (click for resume),received his Bachelor of Science in Historic Preservation in May of 1999 from Roger Williams University. His minors were American Studies and History and completed his senior project on the cultural resources of recreation in Rhode Island. He was the co-president of the Historic Preservation Society. He attended various National Trust for Historic Preservation's national conferences and worked with the Institute for Preservation Technology at Harpers Ferry National Park. He toured England and learned English preservation techniques as part of the Historic Preservation program.

Aaron is currently finishing his Masters of Art in History program at Middle Tennessee State University, where he will have a concentration in Public History. He worked for the Rutherford County Archives as a research assistant and web designer. He was also employed at the Center for Historic Preservation as a research assistant, web designer, and video producer. The Public History program contracted with him as their lead web designer. He is currently finishing his thesis on standardized roadside architecture.

Aaron has also worked as an program assistant for Historic Massachusetts (now PreservatiON Mass), an environmental educator and summer camp counselor for the Audbon Society of Rhode Island, and safety director of a lumber mill in New Hampshire.

Aaron is currently the Assistant Administrator for the Nantucket Historic District Commission. In this position he is responsible for the day-to-day running of the office, but also consults daily with applicants on the designs for their historic designs. He provides input to the Commission on historic projects and serves as liaison to the various subcommittees.

Aaron has taught classes in historic preservation for the Nantucket Community School. He has been a part of the Nantucket Preservation Alliance and is currently the liaison for a video they are producing on Nantucket's preservation. He has also spearheaded the effort to establish the Nantucket Historical Commission, a local historical commission, which was voted on by the Annual Town Meeting in Nantucket and approved.

Furthermore, he is an associate member of the Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission where he has encouraged the integration of historical and traditional planning into the work the commission does.

Aaron now serves as the Chairman of the Nantucket Historical Commission and the Nantucket Cultural Council. He was recently honored as a "40 Under 40" for outstanding community participation.

Aaron took graphic design courses as part of his study at RWU and was a Teaching Assistant to the introductory courses. He has worked with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Rhode Island Heritage and Preservation Commission on their respective web sites. He has also started to work with nonprofit organizations further afield, including the Boston Harborfest, a site reaching nearly 20,000 visitors during the summer. He has extensive Macintosh and PC experience and has knowledge of the networking and programming of Macintosh's and PC's. He has also taught classes to students and professors alike the basics of computing and web design. He has most recently taught web design classes at the Nantucket Community School.


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