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Natural Landscapes of Greene County

Greene County is named for Nathaniel Greene, George Washington's second in Command. However, by fate of nature, the county has also taken on another reason for being called Green[e]. Our natural landscapes are breathtaking. The photo above was taken from one of our ridges in the eastern part of the county. However, there are other shots just as breathtaking in the western end of the county. Perhaps they are better...I would never take a side in that issue. There is a church in the western end called Centennial Church and it lies right on the Warrior Trail, the old Native American path through Greene County. The sight of the rolling hills that you see from that vantage point is unbelievable. If I could urge someone to visit Greene County for only one reason, that would be the reason. That view would make you want to stay forever. (I wish I had a shot from there. Go and see for yourself.)

Even the views over our golf courses (picture 2) are beautiful. Now, granted I took this in Winter early in the morning, but it still has something about it that makes me want to be back home as quickly as possible.

As a little background, the land that Greene County is on, is part of the foothills of the Alleghenies. Most of our land is somewhere around 1000 to 1500 feet above sea level. The land is made of deep valleys and high hills. Trees cover much of the land. It is a land made of oaks and pines. Native Americans made constant journeys through the land on their way to the Ohio River. Much of the land was taken for oil, gas, coal, or farming, but now much of that is returning to forest.

If you have no interest in history, no interest in people, no interest in labor history, you will still be moved by seeing the natural landscapes. But now that I have showed you a few photos, I hope you can see that Greene County is a great place to see nature.

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