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The People and Their Lives in Greene County


The people of Greene County are a somewhat mixed bunch. The majority are Scotch-Irish, but that doesn't limit the types of people living here. I am from Lithuanian/Slovak background and my parents were raised up the river, but that doesn't limit me from the county. Though diverse is not a word I would use, it is still a great set of people.

The people of Greene County have some unique options for working the land. There is coal mining under most of the county and there is farming, both animal and growable. Both methods provide the backbone of Greene County's economy. Living here is a solid stable lifestyle. Honestly, life in rural america is not really as bad as some make it out to be.

Living in Greene County ranges from farms to lower income housing to subdivisions. But wherever you live, your neighbors are sure to be friendly and supportive. They will provide the newcomer with a sense of Greene County's history just when they speak of the life here. The best part of being a person from Greene County is the history. There is such a long and strong history involved in Greene County. People like John Corbly and the massacre that happened when he was walking to church one morning, and people like Warren Jacobs and his birdhouses. The different personalities of Greene County make this place a great experience for someone like me, who loves social history.

However, that long history is in danger of falling apart if we don't step in with preservation. By losing the tangible evidence, we lose the important memories of the past.

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