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Your Appointment

Sessions can be individualized for your needs or time constraints. Sessions are available for 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Pre-Session Conversation (about 10 minutes)

During this time I like to get acquainted and discuss any questions you may have or any particular healing issues you may have in mind. It can be helpful to know of problem areas or areas of concern, but its not necessary for me to know in order for the healing to occur. We will also go over the mechanics of the session, so you'll know what to expect. Sessions can be modified to suit your personal needs and comfort.

Reiki Session (about one and one-half hours)

You remove shoes or any jewelry that may get in the way.

Fully dressed, you begin by laying on your back unless we’ve discussed otherwise.

A pillow is placed under your knees to alleviate any stress to your back, you may use a blanket if you wish.

Moment of silence

Delivering Reiki: Designated hand positions are performed on the front of your body (45 min.)

You'll be asked to turn over

Designated hand positions are performed on the back of your body, then I’ll sweep your aura

Turn back over

I’ll scan to verify chakra balance, sweep once again, then close your aura

Rest while I get water/juice for you

Post-Session Conversation in chair (about 10 minutes)

This is an opportunity to discuss your experience and feelings, and to ask questions about your session