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Other Programs

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Public History Program

Savannah, GA 31419

MA Hist

I dont know much about any of these programs. I included them because they are public history or other related disipline. Finding out more is up to you. Let me know if you find out anything interesting.
University of Cincinnati

Department of Geography

703 Swift Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221

BA, MA, PhD Urb. HP Cert

I did know someone who went here. She enjoyed it quite a bit, but it is a Urban Studies sort of program.
University of Delaware

Ctr. for Historic Architecture & Design

Newark, DE 19716

(302) 831-1050


This is supposed to be a major historic interiors place. They are associated with the Winterthur Museum.
George Washington University

Grad. Prog. in Hist. Pres
American Studies Pgm.

Washington, DC 20052


A big American Studies program, run by Richard Longstreth, who is a major HP advocate, especially in the area of modern design. I would actually say its more HP than American Studies and there are professors who will be supportive of a cross-disciplinary approach.
Michigan Tech. University

Department of Social Sciences

1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931

(906) 487-2366


The nations only Industrial Archaeology degree. It is supposed to be a good one. There isn't one commercial archaeology program (roadside). GWU, UVA, and Bowling Green University (pop culture) are the only three I know that even come close.
University of South Carolina

Public History Program

Dept. of History
Columbia, SC 29208

(803) 777-6398

MA Pub Hist,
MA Hist, PhD Hist

Youngstown State University

Department of History

Youngstown, OH

(330) 742-3457

BA, MA Hs HP Cert