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Finding employment is one of the top concerns for students of historic preservation and public history. This is usually the first question they hear from their parents and friends.

"So, what exactly can you do with a degree in: A.) historic preservation B.) public history C.) history?"

      This answer is actually very simple. Anything. Getting a degree in history, public history, or historic preservation prepares a student to think critically, write well, and understand the complex world we live in. However, even if a degree in one of these three areas prepares a student for any sort of work, it does assume that a student is interested in using and learning about history on a day to day basis. Jobs can be found just as easily in these areas.

      Some examples of employment in the fields of history, public history, and historic preservation may be in the following topics:

  • Museums (as curators, exhibit designers, educators, and more)
  • Historic Sites (which includes the above jobs, plus rangers, and tour guides)
  • Consultants (this area is wide open, especially in historic preservation)
  • Educators (both in the public and private K-12 schools, but also as college educators)
  • Planners (historic preservation has a great need for planners)
  • Architects (though a second degree may be needed, historians often work with architects)
  • And many, many more areas!

      So I urge you to explore some of the job links on this site to see if you can find the right job for you. Please read over the advice section to see some ideas from others in the field and from those who advise about jobs. This information can be particularly helpful. Lastly, if you are interested in historic preservation, public history, or history and you do not have a degree in them; or if you are just looking to further your career, please look at the Education section for links to schools that offer degrees in these areas.

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