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Graduate Programs:
 Ball State University

Historic Preservation Program

College of Arch. and Plan.
Muncie, IN 47306-0350

(765) 285-1920


I applied to this program, but decided not to go. I have heard only good things about it and I know of one RWU student who went there. It is very focused on preservation planning, so if you like that sort of thing, this might be for you. James Glass is supposed to be a pretty good professor.
 Boston University

Preservation Studies Program

226 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215

(617) 353-2948


The BU program is one of the older ones in America. I know Richard Candee does (did) a good job with this program - and the current professors are great. It is very closely aligned with the American Studies program and has a strong focus that way. The dual MA/JD program is one I would have liked to have tried.. I know a woman who went through it and loved it, but had a tough time with it.
Columbia University

Historic Preservation Program

400 Avery Hall
New York, NY 10027

(212) 854-3518


This is the grandfather of all HP programs in America. I dont know a great deal about it, but it is probably the best one out there. I know the students that came out of the program had nothing but great words for the program he ran.
Cornell University

Grad. Program in HP Planning

106 W. Sibley Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Michael Tomlan

(607) 255-7261

MA, PhD (HP Planning)

The program is focused on planning moreso than strict preservation. However, its a fantastic school and a great leader in Michael Tomlan. He helped start the Recent Past Preservation Network and a really nice person in general. The program has a basis in urban and rural planning basics, which I think is actually a strong part of what they are doing.
Eastern Michigan University

Historic Preservation Program

233 Strong Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

(734) 487-0232


I dont know much about either program, but I am sure Ypsilanti is neat. I believe they have a stronger end of things towards industrial archaeology.
University of Georgia

Grad. Studies in Hist. Pres.

609 Caldwell Hall
Athens, GA 30602

(706) 542-4706

MHP, Accelerated MHP, JD/MHP, Certificate

My friend Katherine went here. She enjoyed it quite a bit. She said she learned a lot about HP and the thesis program was difficult. They also have a MA/JD program like Boston University. I know they are well regarded in the HP circles.
Georgia State University

Heritage Preservation Program

Atlanta, GA 30303

(404) 651-2250


Goucher College

Historic Preservation Program

Baltimore, MD 21204

(410) 337-6200


Goucher is a neat program because it is distance learning. You do most of the MA stuff online and by mail. Then in the summer you come to the school for three weeks and go on field trips, meet the other students, talk and discuss. I think thats a great way of doing things. When I make a million, I want to get a second masters from here. This is a generalist program.
University of Kentucky

Graduate Pgm in Hist Pres

 Lexington, KY 40506-0041

(859) 257-7628


Great program, generalist in nature. Good program leaders.
Middle Tennessee State University

Public History/Preservation

History Dept., Box 23
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

(615) 898-2544


I attended this program and enjoyed it for its diversity of programs - archives, CRM, museums, and preservation. I would have to say that the work with the Gore Center and the relationship with the Center for Historic Preservation make this program stand out. MTSU is the only school I know of with a Historic Preservation PHD (although its couched in a "History" program.) Tennessee is a neat place anyway - but dont expect loads of "hands on" type of learning. Its more history and generalist focused.
Savannah College of Art & Design

Historic Pres. Dept.

P.O. Box 3146
Savannah, GA 31402



SCAD was neat to visit. The buildings are great and the work the students were doing seemed very interesting. I dont know a great deal about it. I know the school went through some turmoil a while back, but I dont know where it stands now. It seemed like a very artsy/architecture related program.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Historic Preservation Program

37 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 629-6500


I have heard a few good things about this program from at least one student who is enjoying her time there. Seems to be be a good place.
Tulane University

School of Architecture

New Orleans, LA 70118-5671

(504) 865-5389


Again, not much from me. I know Tulane is a good school. I think I met the director, and she was saying that it was going to be a planning focus (which I think thats what the MPS means).
University of Oregon

Historic Preservation Program

AAA Dean's Office
Eugene, OR 97403

(541) 346-2993


University of Pennsylvania

Grad. Program In Hist. Pres.

115 Meyerson Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6311

(215) 898-3169


The UPenn program is difficult. Very difficult. I know they were doing work with women and preservation a while back. This is an architecture focused program that I have only heard good things about (except it was difficult). I visited the school once and the studios were great. Lots of technology going on here.

From an email (sorry I have lost your name...)

The University of Pennsylvania along with Columbia University are unique among preservation programs in that they offer a strong emphasis in architectural conservation. (The University of Texas at Austin is developing a similar program.) There is a consistent focus on material science, laboratory experience, and theory. To this end, Penn has a very good architectural conservation lab and access to analytical equipment and expertise from the Laboratory for the Research on the Structure of Matter in Penn's engineering department.

Penn's program is internationally focused and has been involved in recent projects in Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Puerto Rico, and the American Southwest. As a research institution, the environment is fast-paced and attracts scholars from around the world. You will meet some of the most influential people in the field of architectural conservation at this program. Because the program is research-driven and most faculty are adjunct, access to professors can sometimes be problematic. Penn's conservation program is rigorous and can be difficult for those with limited science backgrounds, but you will get a world-class education.

Penn's program also offers emphases in site management, preservation planning, landscape preservation, and preservation design.

University of Texas

Historic Preservation Program

Goldsmith Hall
Austin, TX 78712-1160

(512) 471-0780

MS HP, CRP, MArch, Cert HP

University of Utah

Grad. School of Architecture

Room 235 AAC
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


University of Vermont

Historic Preservation Program

213 Wheeler House
Burlington, VT 05405

(802) 656-3180


UVM's program is one of the better ones out there. Thomas Visser is a neat guy. I know they are very focused on technology and HP. I applied and was accepted here, but did not go. It is supposed to be a very generalist program and I was looking for a more specialized program.