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Basic Preservation Information Links

Advanced Preservation Information Links

Employment Sites for Historic Preservation Professionals


Welcome to the House O' Preservation. This site is a resource listing of various places you can get to on the internet related to historic preservation. If you have other questions or additions to this site, please e-mail me at acornhp(at)

The links to the side represent a hierarchy for preservation sites. The basic information is related to the introductory material that one might receive in a HP program at a college. The advanced material delves deeper into the world of preservation by providing information on planning, conservation, and other topics. The jobs section is self explanatory. More jobs information can be found on the Employment Links portion of

Please note: All the links on the following pages will take you to sites outside of the House O' Preservation. The HOP cannot be held responsible for any of the information held in those sites. The HOP has explored them and feels that they are sites with correct information, but they cannot check them daily, so the information may have problems.

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